15 Jan 2021

4 Insider Tips for the Construction of a Luxury Residential Building

Designing and constructing a luxury residential building is a brilliant opportunity for incorporating unique and high-end features that many other residential buildings do not have. While you can brainstorm a number of extravagant features, it’s only realistic if you properly plan and budget for it. 

Though luxury residential construction contractors have the capability to execute beautiful buildings, not every company will have the specialised knowledge needed to complete a project according to your requirements. Additionally, you want a contractor who can execute a bespoke and original project, not one that bears similarities to the home of your neighbour or one of their clients. 

The construction of luxury residential buildings has a premium price, meaning that you, as the client, should expect high-quality service and flawless execution. 

How should you select a luxury residential construction company in Sydney?

Before we get into our tips for ensuring a smooth luxury residential construction process, let’s first explore one of the most important determinants for the success of your project – the contractor. 

The construction company or contractor you choose for your luxury residential project should be thoroughly researched and vetted. You want to ensure that the company you select has experience in luxury residential construction projects as well as with the features you want. 

Lastly, researching your prospective company’s reviews will give you an idea of their client relationships and the speed and quality of their work. Alternatively, you can request client references as well. Whichever you decide, getting a client’s perspective is vital to acquiring an accurate review on the company.

4 insider tips for the construction of a luxury residential building in Sydney

Decide on details beforehand

While it’s acceptable for some decisions to be made during the construction, the majority of your needs and subsequent plans should be finalised prior to construction. You should outline what you want from your luxury residential building for it to be optimally designed. For example, deciding whether you want a pool near your outdoor dining room or separate from that area is an important design decision that should be made before construction begins.

Additionally, you should take your lifestyle and family into consideration when deciding on specific home details. These decisions should be thoroughly considered to avoid last-minute decisions and unnecessary costs. For example, if you have an elderly person living with you or someone with mobility issues, then you may want to consider adding a bedroom and full bathroom on the ground floor in addition to an elevator to facilitate easy movement in your home. These important details can be accommodated through careful, proactive planning.

Ensure you consult the relevant experts

The development of a luxury residential building in Sydney involves many parties – not just the construction company. You will need a designer, construction contractor, architect and interior designer. All of these parties will play an important role in the execution of your project. 

Ensure that the contractors you hire are specialised and experienced with luxury residential buildings. Luxury residential buildings have more complex and high-end features, making it necessary that contractors be experienced in this area. Experts in luxury residential construction will also be able to provide you with advice and guidance regarding products, suppliers and trends for your new home.

Focus on originality

A common mistake made by many luxury homeowners is that they focus on trending features and high-end facilities for their home rather than including what they require and will find useful. This results in a home, that while luxurious, is not comfortable or appropriate for their lifestyle. 

When deciding on luxury features to add to your home, think of what you will actually use. For example, if you’re an avid swimmer then an indoor swimming pool would be an excellent addition, however, if you can’t swim, then it’s best not to invest in this feature. It may be luxurious, but it’s also your home, make it personal.

Think about the future

When constructing a luxury residential property, it’s always smart to think about the future. 

Even if your luxury home is meant to be your ‘forever’ home, you’re never sure of what the future holds. You may end up selling your home, which is why it is smart to equip it with attractive features that will increase the property’s value. Features such as security systems, sustainable energy and ventilation systems and high-quality furnishings like marble bars are likely to increase the value of your home.

At General Built, our highly experienced and specialised experts are trained to deliver excellent long-term solutions for our clients using our comprehensive suite of services. For luxury residential buildings, we will ensure that every process and decision is taken care of so that all you are left with is a comfortable and beautifully constructed home.

Whatever your project needs, our team is ready to help you. 

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