09 Mar 2021

5 Must-haves for a Progressive Commercial Office Fit-out in Sydney

A commercial office fit-out is a great opportunity for a business in Sydney to upgrade its facilities, improve its physical image and create a more comfortable and conducive work environment. On the surface, it may seem simple to create this, however, it isn’t as it involves a lot more consideration and conceptualisation than many people realise.

For a commercial office fit out to be effective for a company, it has to merge with the nature of the business. For example, a doctor’s office cannot benefit from an open floor plan as privacy is needed to consult with patients. Additionally, every commercial office space should prepare for the future and have their fit-out reflect that. What will business look like in 5 years? Where is our office culture going? How will the trend of employees continue? The answers to these questions will help determine your most effective and progressive office design.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most helpful tips for commercial office fit-outs in Sydney. While many of these are centred around the development of a progressive office and based on effective office design, it’s important that you consider the nature of your business when deciding what should be included in your office. 

5 must-haves for a progressive commercial office fit-out 

Shrinking workstations

As informal interactions, collaborative work environments and more structured meetings become the dominant trend in many companies, workstation sizes have started dramatically reducing. Without the need for massive tables that can accommodate stacks of paper and gigantic machines, employees no longer need the space on a workstation.

Installing a smaller workstation does not just save you money, but it also commercial space. This enables your office to be much more comfortable for employees and makes it appear a lot larger.

Absent high partitions

In keeping with the theme of a collaborative work environment, an absence of high partitions will prepare your commercial office space for a future with more open discussions and less individual work. 

Business owners know that in addition to developing brilliant ideas, employee interaction is effective for creating positive work environments. This trend will continue as rules become less traditional in the workspace. Instead of stifling creativity, foster a collaborative environment with your team. You may find that your turnover lowers as employees find these environments more enjoyable.

Quiet breakout rooms

While a collaborative work environment and open office have its advantages, it can become distracting, especially for employees who have no choice but to engage in individual work, when client meetings are necessary and for team members with a different work style. 

Quiet breakout rooms are much smaller than meeting rooms and give employees the option of a quiet working or meeting space. It’s helpful to have this option rather than a massive boardroom as you can utilise breakout rooms for more in the future and prepare for employees who do not find an open office conducive to their work.

Flexible space

In a similar vein, ensuring that there are flexible spaces in your office is increasingly important for the future. Try not to limit rooms by labelling them as ‘boardrooms’ or ‘client meeting rooms’. Instead, design rooms so that they can evolve into what you need at any given point in the future.

For example, instead of setting up a boardroom as a formal meeting room, use it as a group collaboration room as well. You can also design your office to facilitate your company’s evolution in the future. Features such as sliding doors, demountable partitions, movable walls and raised flooring, make it possible to change your office according to its future growth. 

Natural light and ventilation

Lastly, natural light and ventilation are becoming increasingly important as commercial spaces move towards a more sustainable future. In addition to making the office more comfortable and productive, natural light and natural ventilation also makes your office more energy-efficient, thereby also reducing your energy bills. Install sliding windows and sliding doors, louvres and skylights to allow natural elements in your space.

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