13 May 2021

Sydney’s Inner West Quickly Becoming a Luxury Home Hub for Residents


Sydney’s inner west is renowned for many things, but as of late, it is quick to become a hotspot for Sydney investors. If you grew up in Sydney and understand how each suburb differentiates from the next, you know why many people love the inner west.

See our top suburb picks for building a luxury home in the inner west:


Balmain  Strathfield  Rozelle 

Breakfast Point 

Five Dock



Canada Bay 




Drummoyne  Lilyfield Mortlake


Time in and time out, the multicultural demographic often moves to the inner west because of the region’s diversity, and an allusion to the 20-minute theory — the concept of being within 20 minutes of all essential amenities.

Why do they ask General Built to be the builder of their luxury house?

Clients seek our advice as we specialise in luxury residential builds and have ample knowledge and experience when seeking council approvals and following regulations that are in place for these areas. At General Built, our main objective when making your design come to fruition is to focus on originality.

We have many clients that seek their luxury homes to be built by us for specific suburbs that hail in the inner west—for example, a client who wanted to create a luxury home in Drummoyne on Thomas Street. The street in itself is an iconic street of Drummoyne, where luxury homes reside. For our client, it was more for them than just building a luxury home. They wanted a house that expressed their personality. We were able to execute their Hamptons style home in a street where they felt they belonged.

Despite this, it is recommended that you consider the potential future when constructing a luxury residential property. There are times where it will be a forever home. However, plans may change. It is always wise to equip the home with features that will sell long term to increase your property value.

The team at General Built are highly experienced and innovative in delivering long-term solutions for our clients. With luxury residential properties, we stay attentive to the whole process, ensuring no detail is left unturned and that our client leaves us happy with a comfortable and beautifully constructed home.

Considerations for your luxury house build to suit the inner-west lifestyle
When you are considering a luxury homebuilder, be sure that you think of your build’s suburb. Account for factors such as:

  • Suitability to your lifestyle
  • The size of the land
  • Hospital and medical centre availability
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Access to public transport
  • Culture experiences through foods, wine, entertainment, leisure and sports… and more

This area of Sydney is known for its unique and diverse architecture. The history from around the world is amplified through different architects’ creative and structural homes, and of course, the demographic.

Not only are there free-standing homes situated in these suburbs, but there are also a mix of apartments, terraces and duplexes if that is your preferred taste.

There are reasons why people don’t leave the inner west, and there are reasons people move into the inner west of Sydney.

For inspiration, see our residential portfolio to see the luxury residential homes of our previous clients. To book a consultation with one of our advisors, please call 1300 976 581 or email us at admin@generalbuilt.com.au.