02 Feb 2021

Why Should You Hire a Company to Manage Your Commercial Office Fit-out in Sydney?

One of the most transformative processes that your office can undergo is a commercial fit-out. It’s an opportunity to improve upon the maximisation of your space, increase the functionality of your office and upgrade your facilities. A commercial fit-out has the potential to make your business run more efficiently, improve the morale of your employees and ultimately, your company’s profitability. While commercial fit-outs have a lot of potential, the process itself involves a lot of logistics, time and research, making it difficult for companies in Sydney to execute. 

As mentioned previously, a commercial office fit-out can transform your business both physically and functionally. The right office space design can boost your workplace productivity and create an environment that fosters motivation, diligence and creativity. However, these benefits do not come overnight and cannot be achieved with sub-par furniture or ineffective interior design. Though business owners know their company and office space best, many are not equipped with the specialised knowledge needed to execute an office fit-out that aligns with their goals. 

General Built’s expert team will work with you to determine your needs and make professional recommendations regarding your space. In this article, we’ll look at a few more options that explain why hiring a company to manage your commercial office fit-out is smart.

4 reasons why businesses in Sydney should hire a company to manage their office fit-outs

Technical expertise

Renovating your office is more complex than it sounds. It’s not just a matter of picking out chairs and tables, but involves determining the correct lighting of the space, effective sound systems as well as knowledge of interior design so that your space is fit-out in a manner that suits its function, the brand’s personality and maximises the space available.

While we understand that hiring a professional company increases your costs, not hiring one can potentially cause you to spend even more money in the long-run as well as reduce the efficiency of the space. The time and energy you spend figuring out the best options for your office are not worth it and there is no guarantee that you’ll end up with the optimal result. A company like General Built has employees with the technical expertise that can guarantee that you will end up with an office space that reflects your goals.

Project management

A commercial office fit-out involves many moving parts. In addition to sourcing furniture and furnishing for your space, you’ll have to coordinate its delivery and installation, hire interior designers/architects and a construction contractor as well as employ any other specialised contractors such as plumbers or electricians, if needed. 

While in theory, it may not seem that daunting, in reality, it is. Coordinating all of these parties, ensuring that they meet deadlines, execute their work according to your wishes as well as have access to the property whenever necessary takes a lot of logistical management. Additionally, commercial fit-outs are susceptible to emergencies and delays which require the management of all contractors involved and a solution-oriented approach from the person in charge. As the business owner, you will find this hard to deal with (amongst your other duties). The best option is to hire a company to manage your project for you so that you can focus on your business’ operations.

Clear perspective

As the business owner, it’s difficult not to fall into the trap of tunnel vision when it comes to your project. This can create blind spots and lead you down a path where the best decisions for your company are not made. General Built offers a fresh perspective on your project and will ensure that the emotions are kept out of the decision-making so that only feasible and effective solutions are developed.

Professional recommendations

A company that specialises in commercial fit-outs will be able to provide you with professional guidance that allows you to make decisions which better reflect your company’s mission, vision and overall purpose. They can recommend options and contractors that make your space sustainable, smart (i.e. technology) and in-line with the latest interior design trends. 

At General Built, our highly experienced and specialised experts are trained to deliver excellent long-term solutions for our clients using our comprehensive suite of services. For commercial fit-outs we will ensure that every process and decision is taken care of so that all your company is left with is an effectively designed and functional office space.

Whatever your business needs, our team is ready to help you. 

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